Tips for Kids

  • Start cleaning your child’s teeth as soon as they appear. Use a soft brush twice daily with tap water if under 2 years old, or a smear of flouridated toothpaste if over 2. Make the cleaning routine consistent and fun!
  • Avoid sugar and acid in your child’s diet especially in between meals as this is when they are most damaging.
  • Be aware of ‘hidden sugars’ eg fruit juices, dilutable squashes (even those labelled low-sugar or no-added sugar), tomato ketchup, smoothies, fruit/sweetened yoghurts, flavoured milks, dried fruits etc. These can cause decay if consumed between meals.
  • If your child needs medication such as an antibiotic or ‘calpol’ ask for sugar-free versions.
  • When having a sweet treat make sure it is at a mealtime only. Make sure grandparents and carers understand this too.
  • Between meals milk and water are the best drinks.
  • Between meals snack on crackers, bread, popcorn and other starchy energy foods. Also fresh fruit, cheese, nuts, seeds and vegetables are tasty and healthy for your child’s teeth.
  • Bring your child to the dentist as early as possible once their teeth start to come through. This allows them to feel comfortable and happy at the dentist from early on and to provide the best start to a healthy mouth for life.
  • Don’t give juice, cordials or fizzy drinks (even if diluted) in a bottle. Never give these drinks to a child to take to bed as they will cause severe dental problems.
  • Stick to the healthy lunchbox plan in school. Avoid sweets, chocolate and fruit juices in packed lunches.
  • Ask your dentist about preventative fissure sealants for your child once they are aged 6.
  • If your child sucks a thumb or dummy for long periods it could cause problems with how their teeth develop. Try to wean them off sucking gradually as part of the growing up process. Never dip a soother in honey or anything sweet.

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