Be Healthy

  • Brush twice a day with a flouride toothpaste thoroughly, as your hygienist or dentist shows you. A good technique makes all the difference to get to all the hard to reach areas.
  • Clean between the teeth once a day using floss/interfloss/interdental brushes as advised by your hygienist or dentist. It may sem like a chore initially but becomes very quick and easy with practice. Remember all the food debris and plaque left between your teeth if you only brush…
  • Use a soft/medium brush with a small head. If you use an electric/sonic brush be sure to ask your hygienist’s advice on the best technique. Incorrect use of some brushes can cause gum recession.
  • Regular dental health checks are the only way to know if your mouth is healthy as lots of oral problems don’t have obvious signs or symptoms.
  • Visiting the hygienist regularly will not only give you a sparkling smile and clean mouth but also invaluable support and advice on your oral health.
  • If you are nervous or anxious talk to your dentist, hygienist or team members. We can help in many ways if we know your difficulties. Remember that healthy mouths need the least dental treatment, so if you are anxious ask us for help in getting to the best level of oral health possible.
  • If you smoke stop. This is one of the leading factors in gum disease and tooth loss, and it will put you at higher risk of oral cancer.
  • Avoid sugary or acidic foods/drinks between meals.

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