Whiter Teeth

  • Don’t smoke.
  • Brush twice daily with a mild whitening toothpaste and a sonic brush to achieve a whiter smile. Do not use abrasive whiteners which can damage your teeth.
  • Floss daily.
  • Be aware of the major stainers such as tea, coffee, red wine and tobacco. Other dietary factors such as intensely coloured curries, berries and ketchups will also discolour teeth and white fillings.
  • Exposing your teeth to acidic drinks eg white wine, citrus fruits etc will roughen the enamel on your teeth meaning they will stain very easily.
  • See your dentist regularly to keep your whole mouth healthy and looking its best.
  • Regular hygienist visits will keep your mouth healthy and looking its brightest.
  • If you have concerns regarding crooked/uneven/dark teeth speak to your dentist to find the cosmetic option most suitable for you.
  • If you would like to lighten the colour of your teeth speak to your dentist about the best options to do this in a safe way.
  • Only your dentist can advise you on professional safe ways to lighten your teeth and whether there are any special risks or precautions in your case. Be wary of cheap tooth whitening kits which may harm the enamel of your teeth or damage your gums.
  • If there is a part of your smile you don’t like discuss it with your dentist. Never before have we had so many options to improve our smiles.

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