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Do you have Dental Insurance?

We will provide you with a customised treatment plan, which is based on your current dental health needs nd what we feel will best solve those health needs.

Dental Insurance companies provide limited financial cover, in particular circumstances based on the details in the policy you have agreed with them. Please be aware that Dental insurance companies may decline to cover treatment you expect to be covered, even in the presence of a dental indication due to ‘small print clauses’. We advise you to contact your Insurance company in advance of treatment to clarify whether or not they agree to cover a particular treatment in your case, so that you are fully informed before you proceed.

Please remember that the decision of the company regarding what they will cover does not change your need for treatment. The interest of an Insurance company may best be served by limiting the claims it pays out, not by covering what is best for your long term dental health. Your policy is an agreement between you and the Insurance Company, we are not part of that agreement, therefore unfortunately we cannot know what a certain policy with a certain company will cover at any given time. As dental professionals we advise only what we believe is best for your dental health.

Information on the VHI Direct Pay System

Our practice is an accredited VHI Direct Pay Provider. We can now make it easy for you if you have a VHI Dental policy, by taking the hassle out of claiming for you.
If you have a VHI Dental policy and would like to avail of the VHI Direct Pay Service, simply follow these steps. Tonia, one of our reception team, will handle all correspondence, payment arrangements and form submissions on your behalf.

Step 1

Before you book your appointment, call VHI Dental on 046 9077337 or email advising them you will be booking an appointment with us and you wish to use Direct Pay.

Step 2

Vhi Dental will confirm your Direct Pay cover to our receptionists and to you.

Step 3

Call us to confirm we have received your confirmation email from VHI. Book your Comprehensive Examination, including any necessary x-rays and a basic/single length hygienist visit. There will be no charge to you for these visits if confirmed as covered by VHI. We will advise you if VHI state your visits are not covered.

Step 4

If any further treatment is recommended and agreed with your dentist, we recommend that you book your treatment, confirm what will be covered directly with VHI and then proceed with your appointments and treatment with us. For administrative reasons we currently cannot process treatments other than examinations, xrays and cleanings directly with VHI Direct Pay, however we can assist you with VHI Pay and Claim forms. You simply pay in full for your treatment on the day, and then using a Pay and Claim form receive payment directly yourself back from VHI. You receive exactly the same level of cover, and VHI advise this is usually within 10 working days.

Important notes:

If you forget to contact VHI prior to your examination or cleaning visit there is a solution. Simply pay for your visit in full on the day and we will complete a ‘Pay and Claim’ form for you. You can submit this straight away to VHI and they will pay your claim directly into your account within 10 working days. Unfortunately, without confirmation of cover before your appointment you cannot utilise ‘VHI Direct Pay’.

Please note as a courtesy to you we will use the information provided to us by VHI Dental to show you what they have said they will cover on your treatment with us. We will be clear and transparent in our fees and what portion your Insurer has agreed to cover. Our relationship is with you, the patient. Your Insurance Policy is a contract between you and your Insurance Provider, and we are not party to that contract. If your policy is cancelled or altered during your treatment plan, or VHI Dental do not pay the amount they have agreed in your statement of benefits confirmation, your dental treatment fees are payable by you.

Other Dental Insurance Providers

As a service to you our reception team will assist you with form filling and itemised receipts for Laya, DeCare, Garda Medical aid and many other Insurers where policy holders can claim back a portion of their dental expenses.

If you have another Insurer and would like assistance or advice on how we can work with you and help you with you the claim process please email us on or Call us on +353 1 298 6029 before your appointment

VHI Direct Pay insist on the following:

If you would like to use the Direct Pay system you will need an email approval from VHI every time you start a new course of treatment.

You will need email approval for each member of your family covered.

We must have email approval for each hygiene visit.

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