Dental Implants


What is a Dental Implant?

A Dental Implant is a system used to replace a missing tooth and its root. It is the replacement of the root that can make implants so successful. This new ‘root’ can then be used to anchor a single new tooth (a crown), several new teeth (a bridge) or even to support a specialised full denture that will never move when you smile, speak or eat. Made from titanium dental implants are extremely strong and long lasting, they are resistant to decay and are extremely strong.
There are many types of dental implants, and many different types of dentists that place implants. We use only titanium or zirconium implants made by Nobel Biocare. We believe these are the leading implant system and they come with a lifetime guarantee. Our dental implants are placed by one of the most experienced implant dentists in all of Europe, Dr. Wilson Grigolli.

Are Dental Implants suitable for me?

Our Implant dentist has successfully placed thousands of dental implants for almost every age and type of patient. Even if you have been told before that you were unsuitable for dental implants we can very likely help you with what can be life changing treatment. Call us on 01 2986029 to ask us anything about dental implants or send an email

Why would I consider Zirconia Dental Implants?

There are three main reasons that you, or your dentist, may favour Zirconia Dental Implants. Firstly, Zirconia Implants are tooth coloured. If you have a high smile line, showing upper gums when you smile and you require a Dental Implant in the visible area, a Titanium Implant may show as grey shadow on your gum. This is found more commonly in patients with a thin gum type. A Zirconia Implant allows a tooth-coloured, natural looking solution.

Secondly, you may have been found to be allergic to Titanium or another metal in the Dental Implant. Titanium allergy is considered to be rare, however some studies have shown an allergy response in approximately 4% of people.

Thirdly, and increasingly commonly, patients and dentists who adhere to holistic principals may wish to avoid metal in the mouth. Some may have concerns regarding potential corrosion of Titanium or potential adverse effects. Zirconia is considered to be biocompatible, hypoallergenic and metal free.

I have been told that I am not a suitable candidate for Dental Implants, what now?

For patients with severe bone loss, extensive grafting procedures can be the only option and mean lengthy treatment times. But there is an alternative method using zygomatic dental implants, which are placed into the cheekbones, rather than the jawbone.

Our Specialist in Implantology Dr Wilson Grigolli has extensive experience placing dental implants, having successfully completed over 25,000 cases. His career experience treating patients enables Dundrum Dental Surgery to offer Dental Implants to patients who may otherwise have been deemed unsuitable or refused Implants in the past.

If you would like to learn more about your options for zygomatic implants, please contact the clinic and we will arrange a consultation with our Specialist as soon as possible.

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