Dental Hygiene and Prevention


What is Dental Hygiene and Prevention?

We believe in modern dental care. This means actively preventing problems rather than waiting for them to arise. When you join our practice we carefully assess how we can help you avoid dental problems in the future. Attending a great hygienist, at the correct frequency for you, and following their tailored advice will give you excellent oral health and minimise your risks future of dental problems.

Our hygienists are expert in the latest preventative treatments including decay prevention, reduction of inflammation and protective treatments. They also actively treat gum disease helping patients keep their teeth for life with personalised care plans and home-care advice. And of course they provide a range of polishing and cleaning treatments to ensure your teeth look their very best.

If you are new to our practice the range and quality of our hygienist care may surprise you… they do so much more than ‘clean and polish teeth’. We believe that the best investment you can make in your dental health is seeing your dental hygienist regularly, and doing what they advise daily.

Is Dental Hygiene and Preventative Care right for me?

Each of us is a unique individual, and so your family history, dental history, oral hygiene habits and other habits all combine to give you a unique ‘risk profile’. This means that one individual may need to attend the hygienist only yearly for minimal polishing, while another person may require more specialised support and care every three months to minimise their risk.
Gum disease does not hurt, so you will usually not know how healthy, or otherwise, your gums are.

Our hygienists work with our patients to design an individual care plan. They will carefully assess your mouth and your unique make-up, and advise your personalized care plan for maximum preventative power. This may include cleaning and polishing treatments, home care advice, application of helpful treatments to reduce inflammation and dietary tips along with their advice and expertise.

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