You’ve changed my life!

Where to start I have so much to tell, 🙂 I just want to say,

In July 2015 Dundrum Dental Surgery advertised a Competition on Facebook *WIN A STRAIGHT SMILE MAKEOVER*. At the time I was sitting in work on my break, and I just scrolled past the post thinking ‘I would never win anything like that’.

It was such a huge competition and an amazing prize, I was determined to put in my entry, and try and win. Over the last few years I’ve really wanted to get my teeth straightened, but unfortunately with the way my jobs were going It was impossible. I entered the competition with two photos of my smile, and thought to myself ‘why not’, I had such great support through my Facebook friends who were really behind me. A couple of weeks passed and we were getting closer to the competition winner being announced. Then one day, I received a phone call from Dundrum Dental Surgery, to tell my I was one of the top ten finalists, and I had a chance of winning the Six Month Smiles treatment. I almost died when I heard this and my legs were like jelly, It was so exciting to even be a part of the top ten finalists, now I knew what it was like being on boot camp for XFactor!

The summer was passing quickly and the day when the winner was going to be announced was approaching fast. I couldn’t concentrate in work and on every break I was checking Dundrum Dental Surgery’s Facebook page for updates. It came to the end of the day and still nothing showed up about a winner of the competition, and I was thinking I didn’t win, maybe I would have more luck the next time 🙁 . Then it happened, as I arrived home from work, I glanced at my phone ‘Connected to Wifi’ appeared, I turned my key and all of a sudden, I had over 100 notifications on Facebook. It turned out I had won the competition after all and I was delighted!

I couldn’t believe that I had won the competition and found it hard to sleep that night. I was constantly thanking everyone at Dundrum Dental Surgery, and all my friends on Facebook for their support. I was finally going to have my dream smile after all!

The smile transformation process took just over 6 months, and I couldn’t believe the pace of my transformation. I am so grateful to the team in Dundrum Dental Surgery whose hard work and abilities made this happen and I just feel amazing. So here I am 16 June 2016, almost a year later sitting comfortably in my new job, with my new smile, which I probably would of never of had without the confidence I have now, with all thanks to Dundrum Dental Surgery’s Help. My Smile has boosted my confidence so much, its amazing. You can find my Six Months Smiles Transformation Blog and Photos on the practice website http://dundrumdentalsurgery.ie/6-month-smiles-dublin-story.html

If you are thinking of getting your teeth straightened, I would 100% recommend the Six Month Smiles treatment at Dundrum Dental Surgery. From a personal perspective, I think I am smiling a lot more now than I ever did before in my life and I have more confidence too. All of my friends and family are amazed with my results and were surprised at how quickly the treatment was completed. To say I am pleased with the outcome would be an understatement, I am so pleased with my new dream smile!

Was it worth it? Absolutely YES! everything was 100%, the team were so helpful and made me feel right at home at every visit, the aftercare I was given was so reassuring, my whole experience with Dundrum dental Surgery was absolutely outstanding. Thank you so so much for everything that you have done for me, You’ve changed my life!

See you guys Soon 🙂

‘’Winning this competition has changed my Life, Why Not let Dundrum Dental Surgery Change Yours too!”

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