So far the progress is unbelievable!

My teeth are looking amazing so far the progress is unbelievable … the change so far has been incredible i cant believe it !!!! Again i cant thank you guys enough !!! You guys really know how to make a dream smile happen #smilesallaround#thankyou#

I couldnt be more thankful for their time and effort that Dr. Ray and his team have put in.

I am so so happy with the results so far- I’ve even been told i have a lot more confidence in work and outside… and that’s all thanks to Dundrum Dental Surgery…

I’ve been back to Dundrum Dental Surgery for my follow up appointments with doctor ray and his Dental Nurse for the third adjustment of my braces.

This process needs to be done every 3 weeks to a month in order for the braces to work and for results to happen.. believe me the results are amazing so far … I couldn’t be a happier person 😀

Tightening of top braces:

As I waited to be called in the waiting room Dr ray and his nurse welcomed me in to the surgery room where the exam was going to go ahead, today i was having my top bracket/wire tightened 🙂 I was reassured and made nice and comfortable as always and Dr ray told me he was going to use a stronger wire this time in order to see results even better and movement of the teeth quicker 🙂 Dr ray got to work.. by the time i knew it it was all done .. the wire was tightened and i could feel tightness around the teeth and a small bit of sensitivity.. but this was very beareable 🙂 Dr ray explained i would feel tightness and sensitivity afterwards just because of the new wire getting to work… I thanked dr ray and his Nurse for their amazing work, time and effort, it was really worth it and i really cant believe the change already 😀

I was booked in for a second appointtment by the lovely receptionists at Dundrum Dental Surgery.

Tightening of lower braces:

I arrived in Dundrum Dental Surgery and i was called straight away by Dr rays lovely Nurse, Ioana and we went to the exam room where Dr was waiting for me 🙂

I was welcomed in and Dr ray asked how i got on since my last appointment. I explained “amazingly well, i am so happy with the results so far that i cant stop smiling lol 😀 .. and the difference in my teeth since day one is actually unbelievable they’re coming on so well ;D Dr ray was very happy with the outcome too.. We got to work, i was seated comfortably and relaxed, and the doctor and his Nurse got to work .. Dr ray used a new wire on my lower teeth.. he removed the old one and replaced with the tighter one .. again i felt a little bit of sensitivity but it was totally beareable which was such a bonus #woohoo 😉
After we were all done Dr ray told me he was really happy with the results so far and my teeth are really coming on 🙂

I cannot wait for the final finish I’m so so exited 😀

I cant wait for my dream smile!



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