The difference already is just incredible!

So its been a month and a week since my braces have been applied, I can say it flew in! It literally only feels like yesterday that i had them applied..

So the update so far is amazing, it has only been a month, and OMG the difference already! i can really see the changes.It’s just so quick, and so unbelievable that the braces are doing such a good job 🙂
All my family and friends have really noticed the difference and they couldn’t believe the change from when i had them first applied. They are amazed with the outcome so far. I smile a lot more now than i ever did and i havent even finished my process:)

The treatment I’m having at Dundrum Dental Surgery is just unbelievable. They always make me feel so welcome and at home when i visit i cant recommend you guys enough. The team have been so understandable and really generous to fit me in when the time suited. 🙂 So far I’ve had 3 appointments since my fitting,

First-adjustment of braces: (top teeth)
This process is when the dentists removed the first wire from my top teeth and tighten all the braces with a new wire. The dentist made me feel really relaxed and talked me through the process, explaining that every month or so the braces need to be tightened in order to see results. I was really happy and even more exited 🙂

When they removed the wire it was really quick .. and then came the tightening. It wasnt sore, all i felt was a little bit of pressure but it only lasted a couple of seconds which was such a bonus :)..(Dr. Ray) the dentist told me that the day after I’d feel a little bit sensitive.. just because of the tightening and the new wire getting to work 😉 so i took some nurofen and it worked wonders for me:)

Second-Tightening of braces(bottom teeth)
It was 3 weeks later and i came back for my second tighten this time on my bottom teeth, I was seated comfortably and was talked to through the process step by step just so i was aware as to why the wire has to be changed and tightened, as we began the process we came to a part where my bottom tooth (which was crooked)it became just a little difficult to tighten. I felt again just once more a little pressure but the dentists make u feel so reassured your in good hands and they got the job done within seconds.. by the time i knew it i was all done :D… Ray told me again that i will feel a little sensitive.. but nurofen always does the job for me.. 🙂

Then-Info about cleaning my braces:
Ray (dentist ) and his colleague explained when brushing your braces u must be very keen to get in all spaces and gaps. This is very important as plaque can build up and around the brackets. Rays colleague was so generous she showed me the right technique when brushing and the right tools to use. She gave me some special brace brushes to help keep them clean, these can fit in all around each brace so it wont cause a plaque build up 🙂 I’ve been doing so each day 3 times a day :)#thumbsup 🙂

Eating and Speaking:
Eating now is fine I must say.. I still eat fairly soft foods and I avoid hard Candies and hard meats etc. I only avoid these because it can cause strain on teeth especially with braces. I also found chopping up food into little pieces helps. I’ve noticed just when I’m talking I’ve a very slight lisp but its very rarely noticeable.I find it very funny 🙂 .. lol 🙂

My Treatment so Far:
I have to say i am so overwhelmed and happy with the treatment so far. I’m made feel so welcome each time on my visits..The receptionists give you a lovely welcome each time and make you feel right at home 🙂 and the dentists have been amazing to me on each and every visit, making me feel so reassured and comfortable each time. My journey so far has being unbelievable, all my visits and appointments with you guys where just great. The fact I’m noticing a difference already is just incredible and its only been a month and a week..honestly I cannot wait until the final finish.. i am so exited ..there really will be smiles all round 🙂 I still cant believe i won such a big competition, again i cant thank you guys enough and recommend such a great company and team @Dundrum Dental Surgery.

Thanks again guys so much
More updates on blog coming soon

Edel Sheridan.

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