What is CEREC?

We are proud to be one of the very few dental surgeries in Ireland to have inhouse Cerec technology available to our patients. Cerec treatment, in skilled hands, is incredible. Using Cerec we can give you beautiful natural looking crowns and onlays in just one visit.
Cerec crowns and inlays are made from extremely strong porcelains which are selected for strength and appearance, and the colour is carefully chosen for a beautiful result.

Our patients are amazed at how smooth their Cerec crowns feel, and how incredibly natural they look. Best of all Cerec crowns are provided in just one visit. There is no need for temporary crowns and no more messy impressions. Once prepared, your tooth is simply scanned by a handheld 3d digital scanner. We design your crown to fit perfectly with your other teeth and your bite on the computer by your side while you watch. Then you simply sit back and relax while our 3D milling machine accurately mills your crown, producing a beautiful tooth-like crown. You can even see the incredible process of your crown being created. The result is amazing, a strengthened tooth, a beautiful result, all in a single visit.

Is CEREC Dentistry right for me?

Cerec can be used in many situations, including crowns to strengthen weak teeth, inlays to replace failing old dark fillings and for treating cracked teeth or cavities with natural tooth coloured restorations. Some of the benefits of Cerec Dentistry are:

• Computerised scanning and production mean unbeatable accuracy and quality.
• Strength and durability, meaning a good long term investment.
• Provide strength to teeth weakened over time.
• Bonded in place to seal out mouth bacteria.
• Natural tooth coloured appearance.
• Biocompatible and proven safe.
• Custom-made in just a single visit.
• Computerised 3d Digital scan- no messy uncomfortable impressions.
• Precisely finished, polished and bonded giving a completely smooth fit.
• Shaped like a smooth natural tooth.
• Easy to clean and maintain oral hygiene for health and fresh breath.

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