My new smile 🙂

Update: My progress so far = Amazing

From my last visit at Dundrum dental surgery the progress on my teeth with my 6 months braces on is outstanding. I really cannot believe the difference . All my gaps have closed and my teeth are sooooo straight! Everyone is amazed at the difference in just under 6 months- its incredible ….

I am so overwhelmed this really has changed my life .. I can’t stop smiling 🙂

On my last visit which when I saw Doctor Ray and his colleagues.. He told me that the top braces are all ready to come off 😀 and the bottom ones would take a shortwhile longer… I sat comfortabl y as always and I really was so exited to see what they’d look like #eeekkk #:)

Dr Ray removed the wire from the top braces firstly … And secondly he removed each brace from each tooth..

This was a painless procedure and it only took a couple of minutes 🙂 as soon as I knew it I was sat back up and Dr Ray was finished. I was handed the mirror to see my new teeth 😀

#exited :my new smile 🙂

Wooooowwwwwwwwwwwwww !!!!
I couldn’t believe it …!!!
I really couldn’t. They’re soo straight and so perfect… I was amazed … And I couldn’t stop smiling and showing them off… The feeling without the braces was so weird but in a good way and i couldnt stop licking my teeth #lol 😀 i really couldnt believe it and its been under 6 months … The change really is so amazing….

I am sooo happy right now and its all thanks to Dr Ray and his colleagues … You guys have been such an incredible team … Thank you so much #happiest girl ever.

After the removal Dr Ray explained that after my removal i will need to wear an application called a retainer…

This appliance is to be worn every night before bed.. Its so that my teeth will keep straight and if its not worn my teeth will maybe return to what they were like beforehand.. So it is a very important application.. Dr ray took a mould of my new teeth 🙂 so the retainer could be made and i would collect it the next day 🙂 all his team at Dundrum Dental Surgery have been amazing .. They really have changed my life .. I’ve been made the happiest person ever because of all their hard work and efforts..

I love my new teeth !!!!!

My next visit is on the 23rd of February and I am beyond excited..eeeekkkkk ??

… My appointment is for the removal of my lower brace and my teeth whitening process.. I will keep you guys updated on my blog and pictures.. Keep your eyes peeled !! Woohooo …
Again a huge thank you guys to all of the team.

See you guys soon

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