I couldn’t believe it…Its actually happening…

‘I am so exited about getting my six-month smiles braces on .. I cant say I’m nervous, well a little I guess, but all the staff at Dundrum Dental Surgery made me feel so comfortable and reassured on my first visits, so this is such a bonus.

The reason I wanted Six Month Smiles treatment so much was because my smile did me no justice, I had my gaps in my teeth that felt like they were ”humongous” and I found myself to be hiding my smile all the time,and getting conscious feeling like everyone was staring at them… this affected my day to day life not only at home but in work also as I work with dealing with a lot of people and I myself was the customers/patients first point of contact.

Although I got through the days I knew it was time for a change,when I saw the competition on Facebook I knew I had to enter, this could be the chance that would change my life and my smile forever and a real dream come true….

I entered the competition a lot of times because I really wanted to win and got so much support through my Facebook friends. Within a couple of anxious days waiting for the winner to be announced….I was notified that I had WON!! I cried with joy and excitement!!!!!!

I couldn’t believe it…Its actually happening… On Monday the 20th of July 2015, I am having my Six Month Smiles appliances fitted and applied, I am so very exited, The outcome I’m hoping for will be my dream smile and I know the all dentists at Dundrum Dental will make this happen for me.

Thank you Guys so so much!

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Edel's Story

'Edel’s Story' follows our patient Edel Sheridan from Dublin who won a Smile Transformation Six Month Smiles Tooth Straightening treatment in June 2015, when she entered our 6 Month Smiles Adult Orthodontics Facebook competition.



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